30. You’re Going to Kill

“Duke tells me death kills off the basic impulses,” I said to Brimsnod. “Eating, drinking, breathing. Sex.”

“Yeah? So?”

“Your hand, my knee. What should I make of that?”

“Old habits. Meaningless. Used to be a fifty-fifty proposition. Half the time I got what I wanted, half the time it was just trouble.”

“Life is complicated enough right now.”

“Okay. Back to business. Key issue here, motivation,” said Brimsnod. “What we don’t want is, we put you on a path that leads to a forest dark. The straightforward way lost, et cetera.”

“I didn’t take you for the poetical type,” I said.

“Comes with the territory. Lot of history down here.”

“You got more tests?”

“We can test for eternity. Minnesota Multiphasic. Myers-Briggs. DISC Profile. Wealth Dynamics. Then again, sometimes you don’t need the pencil and paper. Clients have insight.”

“Like I was saying, I’m an In-the-Now guy.”

“Not so helpful in planning the future.”

“Got me where I am. Mostly it works.”

“Until it doesn’t.”

I saw movement in the distance, vague shapes. Always that low, buzzing noise of a thousand conversations.

Brimsnod said, “Say the Now is your product.”

“How do you put that in a package?”

“Let’s not get hung up on the details. Let’s say people want to live in the Now.”

“Depends on the Now, doesn’t it? Car accident, gas tank explodes, you’re in flames, we’re talking about a Now most people would rather not fully experience. On the other hand…”

“Yeah, yeah, sure. Let the good times roll. Think, Fatman. What keeps people from living in the Now?”

“I don’t know.”

“Think harder.”

“Wondering what comes next? Any second, things might go to hell. The wife breaks into the bedroom with a gun, for instance.”

“Fear. Fear that whatever comes next will be worse. The biggest fear, what is it?”

“You’re in a better position to judge. But let’s say death.”

“It’s like going to jail. Big deal until you’re there. Then you walk through the doors, get yourself settled, it’s one more thing. You deal.”

“I’m still not seeing the package.”

“That’s why you got help. I take what we’ve got here. I get up with Creative. Then Marketing. IT, of course. I think see where this is going.”

“I’m glad you do.”

“Fatman,” she said. “You’re going to kill.”

Tomorrow: Need a nut in your corner?

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