88. Thanks

As always, I’m grateful for your attention to Fatman and his travails.

As many of you know, Know the Time was the third novella in the Fatman trilogy. If you missed the previous books — Fatman Descends and Duke Is Dead — and want to catch up, you can find them here. The complete version of Know the Time can be found here.

Know the Time is Fatman’s final spin upon this planet. The Fatman series has been for me an interesting experiment with hauling an old form — the serialized novel — into the modern world of websites and email. This, however, is the last time around.

I have other novels available via Amazon and Smashwords that can be downloaded to your computer, tablet, smartphone or reading device (Kindle, Nook, etc.).

These eBooks include:

Mermaid in Vegas: A mobbed-up Vegas casino boss captures a mermaid, then builds a display tank for her in an exclusive club where the regulars include Frank, Dean and the rest of the Rat Pack. Urged to action by his firecracker wife, casino detective Tom Blinder reluctantly undertakes a rescue mission. (Download a sample.)

Valentine’s Cafe: The God of Love opens a restaurant. Trouble — romantic, political, sexual — ensues. (Download a sample.)

Darkest Desire: The Wolf’s Own Tale: Wolf has a problem: his desire to eat children makes him an outcast among his peers. When he encounters the Brothers Grimm in the forest, they offer him a cure. Are they sincere, or skilled manipulators? Wolf decides to take a chance. (Download a sample.)

Thereafter: Based, oddly enough, on a true story of a house flipping couple whose relationship takes an unsettling turn when the lady of the house comes to believe that their new home is haunted. (Download a sample.)

The God of Love Will See You Now: Three short, short stories concerning the unreliable interventions of the God of Love, Victor Valentine. (Available free at Smashwords.)

Again, my most sincere thanks for your interest in the Fatman series.

Warmest regards — Anthony Schmitz

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