Fatman Descends: Know the Time, is a serial novel in, more or less, 75 parts. A new installment of 500-700 words will be published here every weekday, beginning on Halloween.

Know the Time is the final portion of the Fatman trilogy. Earlier novellas — Fatman Descends and Duke Is Dead — were published starting on Halloween 2013 and 2014. If you missed these previous episodes, you can catch up by checking the Archive tab in the upper menu for Fatman Descends. For Duke Is Dead, go to DukeIsDead.com.

The Fatman trilogy was launched with a Springboard for the Arts grant in 2013. This funding was intended for “placemaking” projects that would help to create an art-filled environment in which the light-rail project could be launched. The notion behind the Fatman trilogy is that light-rail construction has opened up a portal to the underworld, where the vengeful dead await an opportunity to return topside to exact revenge for the slights, real and imagined, that they endured during their time on Earth.

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